The K.I.P. (Katathym Imaginative Psychotherapy) is a psychiatric method, which recalls images, stories, lived but usually unprocessed events from the unconscious. Through this method I was able to discover private family stories from my past. For example my father talked about spirits that I was able to see, as a child I didn’t understand them, but I accepted them being natural. I was curious how these stories, these family relations effect my personality, my behavior and my relationships. Each image is paired with a sentence – a question or a statement – that together summarizes the issues which were covered during the eight months of therapy. The images were created from the visual events I experienced through therapy, from real life events, in other words through the process of understanding. The project apart from the classic issues of father – child, mother – child relationship issues, the project deals with remission the development of the self in childhood, and various stages of development of the personality.
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