We carry out aesthetic interventions for a more beautiful and perfect body, often radical ones that leave marks. This intervention can be a diet or a plastic surgery, but even orthodontics. We keep trying to correct our supposedly defective body parts.

The oral tract can be considered a gate through which materials exit and resurface, whether these be food, bodily fluids or verbal utterances. Not only is our tongue one of our most sensitive tactile organ, which is capable of recognising different tastes, surfaces
and structures, but it is also of utmost importance in voice production and speech. In addition to speech and feeding, it is also a space of intimacy.

Our teeth are imprints of the structure of our body. Our oral balance greatly depends on the health of our teeth, their existence or absence. The condition of our teeth reveals our lifestyle, habits and character. Teeth are at once our pathological record, which can disclose who we were and how we lived even after our death. At this exhibition, our mouth will replace our eyes as our primary sense organ.
(2018 - ongoing)
Solo show – ENA Viewing Space, Budapest 28.04.2018 – 03.06.2018
Photo credit: Áron Weber
Curated by Péter Bencze

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